How to Avoid Being a Credit Card Junkie And Reckless Credit Card Use

If you have read the previous post and determined that you have a problem with being a credit card junkie than here are a few simple things that you might want to implement immediately in order to undo or reduce damage done to your financial standing.

The first thing to do is to stop taking on any more credit cards. If you are approached in departmental stores or gas stations or received fee credit card offers in the store may you should just put them away and tear them up. Credit card companies send over 3 billion credit card solicitations every year. Most of these a preapproved based on information present in your credit report. If you suspect that you might be a credit card junkie reduce the temptation to use the credit card by limiting the number of credit cards you have.

Avoid places where you might be tempted to shop. If you have known yourself to be an impulsive and susceptible by your with your credit card then it is time to avoid going to shopping malls and other places where you are tempted to buy without reason. Head out with your credit card only when you have a plan purchased in mind.

Stop shopping online. Stop ordering through catalogues. Shopping online and having shopping catalogues doesn’t in the home can be a constant reminder of what you can buy. It can be hard to resist when the visual of something you can buy is constantly present. You can avoid the temptation to shop online why not visiting common shopping sites. You can stop the temptation to order through catalogues why opting out of receiving catalogues for the next five years or writing to Direct Marketing Association, Mail Preference Service, P.O. Box 643, Carmel New York 10512 and asking them to read be removed from their marketing lists.

Increase your awareness towards advertising. A consumer is bombarded with advertisements in hundreds and thousands from every possible means of media which includes television, radio and even the mobile phone. As soon as you build up your awareness towards advertising and how it is meant to play on the mental psyche of a human being, you will be better armed to resist the temptation that these offers can bring about.

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