How To Close / Cancel a Credit Card

The right procedure to follow in order to close a credit card

Many of us are faced with the decision of closing a credit card every now and then. Not only do you do it to reduce the clutter in our finance management but simply because we have more cards than we need. In case you decide to close on a few credit cards here is a process that you should follow. It is quite simple to close a credit card but simply calling a customer care representative and asking him to close the credit card is not sufficient.

The first step that you need to take in order to close a credit card is to call the customer service jobs and take it of the credit card provider and inform you that you wish to close your credit card. If there are any outstanding balances on your credit card spending to must a dose of completely before requesting the closure. The credit card customer care sensitive may try and talk you into continuing your credit card account but if you have already decided about closing its then you should stay from with your request. The second thing that you must ask the customer care sensitive is to provide you with the address where you can physically send a request for your credit card closure by postal may.

Once you have this address you must send a letter requesting the closure including your name and address and account number through certified mail. Sending a letter and in fact any indication to your creditors through certified mail with return receipt requested means that you will have a record of the request being made as soon as roof of the date as to when the lender received it. Mentioned and refer to the conversation that you had with a customer care representative and request that your credit card account be closed. Keep a copy of this letter from your own records.

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