What To So When You Loose A Credit Cards in A Stolen Purse

Losing your credit card in your wallet or your purse.

It can be a scary and panicky situation when you lose your wallet or your purse with your credit cards in it. But it is something that can happen to anyone. You should always be prepared full is eventuality and keep a copy of your credit card both front and back along with the customer care number. You should do this are you can quickly call-up the customer service and inform them that your credit card has been stolen. Doing this will reduce your liability towards any fraudulent transactions that are made on the credit card after it’s stolen. Usually you will not be held liable for any fraudulent transactions if you report a credit card as stolen before any fraudulent transactions are made. If you happen to report the credit card after some transaction has been made are plenty when you can be held liable up to $50.

Keeping a copy of the credit card help speakers not only will you have the credit card number when you need to report it’s stolen but also because the number of the service center is usually written maxed back. In other circumstances you cannot use the billing statement of your credit card to get the card issuer’s contact number.

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