Meaning of “Account Closed at Grantor Request”?

If an account on your credit report has the status of account closed at grantor request or close by grantor, then it means that your creditor. Read on closed your credit account. If this information is not true than you can dispute with the credit bureau by including a copy of your application that you sent to the creditor to close your account. For this reason it is recommended that any commutation that you make the creditor specifically the ones that involve changes to be made to your account such as settlement and closure should be sent through certified mail with return receipt requested. This way you will have proof of the commutation which may be used as evidence of your claim during a dispute with the credit bureau.

Who closed the account was a factor that was early considered to have an effect on your credit score but as of now it is not considered to be of much importance to the credit score. Who close the account is probably not could affect your credit score although a closed credit card might specially if you still had a balance on it, it was half your oldest credit cards, if it results in your credit utilization ratio rising or if it was your only credit card.

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