Should You Share a Credit Card?

Things considered it is wiser to keep separate credit cards. If you do wish to share a credit card then you should sit and evaluate your reasons for doing so. You should have good reason for cosigning on a credit card and not do it simply because of convenience or being too lazy to put in another credit card application.

It is good and advisable for every individual to have their individual credit cards since it will always be a great tool at hand that’s not only provides ready credit when needed but is also the easiest way to build “a positive credit history.

Everyone shares a credit card every now and then with a friend or a spouse when they make a purchase on their behalf. But everybody should consider having their own personal credit card and using it responsibly because that is the best way to build a credit rating for yourself and to make yourself while for future credit approval when you need loans for home or for an automobile.

However, you must be especially careful about lending your credit cards altogether when friends ask them. This is especially true when you are staying away in a hostel in a college where having a credit card may be a bit of a novelty and other students who may not even be necessary where close to you all well known to may want to make expenses on your card such as ordering food and drinks or shopping online. Be very careful about sharing your credit card and using it on behalf of people about whom you are unsure will ever pay you back. Many students get into a high credit card debt in this manner

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