Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

How to get your student loans forgiven.

There are many programs for student loan forgiveness. Depending upon your degree and your occupation you may be able to qualify for one of these many student loan forgiveness programs. In order to find out if your job profile and employment makes you qualify for a student loan forgiveness program get in touch with the human resource department of your employer.

Here are a few ways and circumstances under which you can get your student loans forgiven.


You can get your student loans forgiven partially or completely in exchange for volunteering for certain organizations such as AmeriCorps, Peace Corps or Volunteers in Service to America. You can have up to 70% of your student loans forgiven.

You should visit their websites to find out more details.

Becoming a Full-Time Teacher

You can have a Perkins loan forgiven partly by working full-time in an elementary, middle or junior high school that caters to children from low-income families. The more years you teach the more of your loan will be qualified to be forgiven.

Your local school board should have additional information about which schools in your district offer student loan forgiveness under the National Defense Education Act.

Joining the Military

Even joining certain defense forces such as the army, army National Guard, Air Force, Air Force National Guard and the Navy will allow you to cancel and to give your student loan. Unfortunately the Marine Corps, Coast Guard and a force results do not qualify for a student loan forgiveness program.

Becoming a Doctor and a Lawyer

If you have entered into an education to become a qualified doctor or lawyer then you may be able to get your student loans forgiven by doing volunteer service. The various institutions and services that will allow you to get your student loans forgiven if you are of the medical and legal profession are:

The National Institute of Health will allow you to forgive some of your student loan for medical education if you complete certain type of medical research including clinical, medical disparities and contraception research.

Certain health professionals can receive up to $50,000 of student loans forgiven Through the National Health Service Corpse Loan Repayment Program. You will need to volunteer for two years at a clinic that has a shortage of health professional. You may receive additional benefit if you serve for longer.

The Association of American Medical Colleges gives out an extensive list of medical student loan forgiveness programs at their website.

The law school graduates can check out the website of Equal Justice Works to have a look at the list of law schools that have a loan repayment assistance programs. Law school graduates may have some of the student loans forgiven by doing some non-profit and pro bono legal work.

The one thing that you need to be aware of about student loan forgiveness plans is that in certain states the forgiven amount of loan may be considered as taxable income. This means that you are liable for taxes to the federal government. You should consult a tax professional such as an accountant or an attorney about the loss active in your state as not all student loans programs require you to pay taxes on the forgiven debt. Is

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