What Is The Time Taken By A Credit Bureau to Respond to A Dispute

A credit bureau is supposed to respond to a credit dispute within 30 days. After receiving the dispute the credit bureau has 30 days to contact the creditor and inform the consumer of the results of the investigation. If the consumer sense additional information the credit bureaus than they have an additional 15 days to complete investigation which will bring a total of days available to 45 days for the completion of the investigation. Once the credit bureau has the results of the investigation they are is required to notify the results to the consumer within five business days.

The lender is required to respond to the credit bureaus within 30 days when it asks for the information to be validated. if the lender fails to do so then the credit bureaus will find the investigation in your favor.

A lender is also required to notify all the other credit bureaus he reports to if he changes or updates the information that he was reporting to the credit bureaus.

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