Why Paid Off Credit Cards May Still Show Balance On Credit Report

The information on your credit report may show a balance on your credit card even if you pay off your balance in full at the end of every month. The reason is that the credit card provider may be reporting to the credit bureau during the time when there is a balance on your credit card. The date of your payment every different to the dates that the credit card provider reports to the credit bureau. It is also possible that your credit card balance may have changed during the time that you check your balance and the time when the credit card company reported your credit card. In case you have had a zero balance on your credit card for the past previous few months and the credit report still shows a balance than it may be due to an error on part of the reporting of the creditor. In this case you should submit a dispute to the credit bureau or contact the creditor first to see pecan update the information correctly. Having the right balance is reported to the credit bureaus as important as credit utilization makes up 30% of the credit score.

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