Disclosure Rules for “Free” Credit Reports – CARD Act 2010

Any advertisement for a free credit report must disclose that Federal law allows consumers to obtain a free credit report at AnnualCreditReport.com. Television and radio ads must include the following sentence: “This is not the free credit report provided for by Federal law.”

You must have come across many websites offering a free credit report. previously there was no way to distinguish these offers from the Federal Credit Report that is free to all consumers in the US. The many websites that you see offering this offer only offer a free trial to one of their services like Credit Monitoring. Now with this new regulations, all other websites other than AnnualCreditReport.com specify that the free credit report they are promising is NOT the FACT or FCRA credit report. This includes the websites of the credit bureaus where they also offer a free credit report as a part of a trial offer to one of their other services.