Experian Contact Information for Personal Users

This is the contact information for Equifax national credit bureau. This information is for the personal consumers. This information is taken from the website of Experian.com. You can visit the website here and see it yourself.

Order My Credit Report and Score from Experian

Online: Get Your Credit Report and Score

Phone: 1 888 397 3742

Dispute Information on My Credit Report from Experian

You must have a copy of your Experian credit report to use this service.

Online: Visit Credit DisputesStart Monitoring Your Credit

Phone:  Contact us at the toll free number on your credit report.

Get Help with Fraud, Identity Theft and My Credit

Online: Visit Credit Fraud CenterGet Identity Theft Protection

Phone: 1 888 397 3742

Ask Questions About My Existing Triple Advantage® Membership

Online: Email Support Team

Phone: 1 877 284 7942

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