What Credit Card Skimming And How Does it Work?

Credit card skimming is a subtle and insidious method of stealing credit card information. Most of the time the credit card owner is not even aware that his information has been stolen from the time that he notices fraudulent transactions on the credit card bill. Credit card skimming takes a person a surprise because the credit card still remains in the possession of the owner but the information gets stolen to make fraudulent transactions.

Credit card skimming can take place that fuel stations, restaurants, stores etc. In order to skimmer credit card thieves use a device to steal the credit card information present on the magnetic strip behind the credit card. These devices can be placed on ATM machines or can be handheld by waiters and store employees. When the credit card is run through the skimmer the device steals information from the credit card using the magnetic strip present behind the card. This is the same information that is used to swipe your card through your credit card machine when you make a regular transaction. This information can then be used to make fraudulent charges either online or to create counterfeit credit cards. Credit card skimming can also take place with debit cards and at ATM machines.

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