How to Avoid a Credit Card Fraud

You can prevent the credit card fraud from happening to you by following simple guidelines. Take a few simple steps to avoid scammers and credit card thieves from stealing information from you.

Keep Your Credit Cards Safe

Whenever you step out of the house carry only the number of credit cards that you are going to be using. Keep them safely in a wallet where they cannot be easily snatched or fall out. Do not keep your credit cards exposed for longer than necessary as these can use a camera or cell phone to take pictures of your credit card. Make sure that you have taken your credit card and put it away safely in your wallet or purse after the transaction.

Shred your Documents and Credit Card Bills

Make it a point to shred documents with sensitive financial information such as account numbers as well as your credit card bills. Do not be careless about closing your credit card bills in the trash without destroying them adequately. It is a simple enough matter petites to steal your personal financial information is by going through the trash.

Do Not Sign Blank Credit Card Receipts

Always verify the amount that your credit card has been charge form. Read the receipt carefully and make sure that is the amount and is the correct one. If you receive a credit card receipt that has blank spaces on it draw through the blank space before putting your signature on the card otherwise it could be possible for someone to fill in those blank spaces with an amount and send the purchase to your credit card issuer.

Do Not Give out Credit Card Information

While it is possible to make several transactions over the phone by giving your credit card number and the security card to the customer care representative you’re speaking to it is generally advisable not to do so. Most of the services that offer to give you services over the telephone using your credit card number such as airline ticket bookings all hotel bookings will also provide you with a website where you can make a single transaction and in a more secure environment. Putting your credit card information on secure websites is a safer thing to do as there is no human element involved. Your request is being that he processed by a secure server and being sent to your credit card issuer. Do not return calls or messages left on your answering machine from someone claiming to be your credit card service provider and asking for a credit card number to verify your account. Do not provide your credit card information to anybody who calls and claims to be calling from your credit card issuer’s office. Credit card thieves are known to use all kinds of tricks such as simulating your caller ID to show that the call is coming from your credit card company. Do not fall for these tricks and make it a rule never to give out your credit card information over the phone or on an e-mail.

Use Your Credit Cards Safely Online

Always use a secure websites to enter your information. Do not access the website by clicking a link in an e-mail. Always check and verify the website by doing a search for it on the better business bureau and a search engine such as if you have not heard of before.

Report Lost or Stolen Credit Cards Immediately

always keep the customer care number of a credit card handy so you can immediately report the card as stolen if it goes missing. If you can report a stolen or a missing credit card before any fraudulent transaction has been made on it your liability for fraudulent transaction on it will be zero dollars. In case you happen to report it after a fraudulent transaction has been made you can be held liable for up to $50 and no more. Write down your credit card customer care services number somewhere handy where you can access it easily.

Also contact your creditor immediately if you feel that you have some way compromised your credit card information either on a website, over the telephone or during a transaction. The credit card provider may be able to issue you a new credit card number immediately so that the stolen and compromised information cannot be fraudulent used.

Review Your Credit Card Statements Carefully

Check your credit card monthly statement carefully to detect any and natural and unusual activity. Sporting a fraud or unauthorized charges as quickly as possible will prevent serious damage being done.

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