How to Deal With Time Barred Debts

There are a few things you can do to deal with time-barred debts.

· You can send a written letter to the creditor or the debt collection agency asking for debt validation. Debt verification is a process in which the debt collection agency has to verify that you actually owe a debt. If the collection agencies unable to provide necessary paperwork or proof that you are owner of the debt, they are not allowed to collect from you.

· You can request the debt collection agency to stop contacting you by sending in a letter through certified mail stating that the statute of limitations expired. The debt collection agency is required by law to stop making efforts to collect from you up to such a request has been made.

· You can choose to ignore the debt collection agencies calls and letters. However make sure that you never ignore a court summons or a lawsuit summons. Just because the statute of limitations expired is not been that you should ignore a lawsuit summons expecting it to simply go away. The debt collection agency may be able to take a default judgment against you if you not respond to the summons and even be able to use wage garnish meant to recover the debt.

Keep in mind that as long as the debt exists it can be sold and transferred repeatedly to pay special agencies. Every time that’s the debt is passed transferred you’ll have too repeats the steps listed above. If a debt collection agency while it should I you can file a complaint with federal court and with your state attorney general’s office. You consume the debt collection agencies for up to $1000 plus damages.

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