How to Freeze Your Credit Report

A security freeze on a credit report prevents creditors and lenders from accessing your credit report freely. When you put a security freeze on your credit report you are provided with a password or pin number from the credit bureau that you can use to lift the freeze temporarily or completely when you are shopping for new credit and needs to lenders to be able to view your credit report.

In order to freeze your credit report you will have to send in a request in writing to each of the three credit bureaus. There is no centralized way to place a security freeze on all three credit reports at the three national credit bureaus in one go. The three national credit bureaus Experian, TransUnion and Equifax are the ones that provide the facility of a credit freeze. When you write them you need to provide your name address date of birth, Social Security number and other documents to your identification such as valid ID, proof of address etc. Placing a security freeze is not a free service and costs anything up to $5-$20. The same fees applicable many temporarily lift the security freeze on your credit report. Payment to the credit bureaus the purpose of placing a security freeze can be made with a check or a credit card.

No Fee To Freeze Credit Report for Victims of Identity Theft

There is usually no fee for racing a security freeze on a credit report if you have been a victim of identity theft. Most states allow this as well as a waiver of the fee if the person happens to be a senior-citizen beyond a certain age. In order to demonstrate to the credit bureaus that you have been a victim of identity theft you may need to provide the proof of the theft such as a copy of a police report, identity theft report or a DNV report.

You should send in a request to the credit bureau via certified mail with return receipt requested so that you can be sure that you request has been received the credit bureau. After receiving your requests the credit bureau will put a freeze on your credit report and provides you with a pin number or password that you will need to use whenever you need to temporarily unfreeze or permanently remove the freeze on your credit report.

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