Ways to Prevent And Fight Identity Theft

It can take months and even years to clear your identity once a thief has stolen it. This process can include getting your credit reports filing affidavits and proving the theft. The time and effort required to caring an identity theft depends upon the civility of the debt and the duration of which it has gone unnoticed. The fact of the matter is that you cannot creditors have completely and 100% from identity theft. What you can do is to reduce the chances greatly of identity theft happening and reducing the collateral damage of an identity theft to minimum of falling certain that lines and acting quickly.

Placing a Security Freeze On the Credit Report

You can place a security freeze on your credit report by contacting one or all three of the credit bureaus. A security freeze will prevent creditors from accessing your credit report and be a limitation to an identity thief who is trying to open new accounts with creditors will need to check your credit report before approving an account.

Place a Fraud Alert On Your Credit Report

If can place a fraud alert on your credit report. You can place an initial fraud alert which last for 90 days or a seven years if you can prove that you have been a become of identity theft. A fraud alert for overseas military personnel lasts a period of one year. A fraud alert on a credit report compels the creditor to check and verify the identity of the person applying for a new account. It also requires them to make a call to the applicant and confront identity. A fraud alert requires that an applicant presents additional documents to prove is identity before a new credit accounts can be approved in his name.

Check Your Credit Report

You should check your credit report at least once a year from each of the three credit bureaus. You’re entitled to a free credit report from each of the three national credit bureaus once every year. You can access your free personal credit report from www.andwillcreditreport.com. Checking your credit report frequently will make sure that you are aware of information being reported on your credit file and are quickly made aware of any suspicious activity such as unsolicited accounts being opened in your name.

Purchase Additional Credit Reports

if you have exhausted your three free credit reports from the three credit bureaus you may purchase a credit report for as low as $11 from Equifax or from all three credit bureaus for as low as $15 from true credit.com. You can also use credit monitoring to get your free credit report if the credit monitoring service offers a trial offer. Be sure to cancel your subscription will in the trial offer or your credit card will get charged for the monthly fee of the credit monitoring service.

Keep Your Social Security Number Safe

Keep your financial information such as social security number and credit card numbers safely. Keep your credit cards in a safe place. Only carry the credit cards that you intend to use anti-trust at home.

Use Credit Monitoring Service

Using a credit monitoring services not all is recommended as it involves a cost. A credit monitoring service is not a completely effective tool in preventing identity theft but can be used to monitor your credit file if you have already become a victim of identity theft. You can use a credit monitoring service to frequently view your credit report after an identity theft to check whether any fraudulent activity or new accounts are being opened in your name. The price of various credit monitoring service differs. Shop around so that you can find the one that you can afford and suits your needs the best.

Shred Credit Card and Important Documents before Throwing Them Away

If for you throw away unused credit cards or the preapproved credit cards that your receipt in you may be sure that you destroy them adequately so that no information can be stolen from them. Follow the same rule before discarding your credit card bills and other paperwork that contains sensitive financial information such as checking account numbers.

Pay Your Bills Online

Instead of sending cheques for utility payments via mail or dropping them in a check box, customer making your payments online through the websites of your creditors. Many creditors and utility service providers now offer the option of making a payment online through secure websites using a credit card or your bank account. This is usually safer as it is an automated process and does not involve the human element. Whenever you make your payments online through secure websites your information is processed by a secure server and sent directly to your credit card or banking institution.

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