What is a wage garnishing?

How can wage garnishing be used to collect on your unpaid debts? Wage garnishing usually happens when a debt collection agency your creditor is able to get a judgment against you in a federal court of law for an unpaid debt. Under wage punishment your employer will also parts of your salary every month to pay off the debtor go has managed to get a court judgment against you. It is important to never ignore court lawsuit summons because a creditor may be able to get a judgment against you by default in case you do not take the necessary steps.

Wage garnishing further purpose of collecting debt is controlled by federal law known as the Consumer Credit Protection Act it specifies the maximum amount that can be garnished and also prohibits your current employer from terminating your employment for the reason of a single garnishing judgment.

Whatever you receive the summons for all lawsuit from a creditor or a collection agency you should consult a qualified attorney for best advice as to the steps you can take to fight a wage garnishment law suit.

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