Where Can You Find Instant Approval Credit Card Offers?

For people who are looking for additional credit cards or a new credit card the offers for instant approval credit cards generate a lot of interest.

People are often searching for additional credit cards to enhance their buying power as well as to take advantage of the additional convenience that comes with having extra credit at your disposal.

In this post we will discuss what exactly are instant approval credit cards, the benefits they offer, the people who can avail of these kinds of card offers and where you can find instant approval credit cards. As with the other credit card offers you’ll find that you need to decide among the various different instant approval credit cards available from different credit card providers. Understanding the concept of instant approval for a credit card is very important.

In most cases instant approval means nothing more than the fact that you will get and immediate response to your credit card application when you make it. Instant approval means that you’ll get to know whether you have been approved for a credit card or not within 60 seconds of making the application. These kinds of offers are often found online and submitting your personal details can mean that you can get approved or disapproved almost instantly.

Instant approval credit cards are meant for two different kinds of people , people with excellent credit rating and those with sub-prime credit rating.

There are certain instant approval credit cards that are meant to people with excellent credit rating. These people instant approval takes on a more literal meaning. If you have an excellent credit any can get approved for a credit card instantly. Instant approval credit cards for people with good credit rating are available from several major credit card providers such as:

  • American Express
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover


In all cases of instant credit card approvals or preapproval a credit search and check is still usually required. Preapproval of for a credit card means little except for the fact that your name has come through the credit card providers database and they are making an offer to give you a credit card based on the preliminary information they have, which could include your credit report.

The term instant approval credit cards for people with bad debt rating or sub-prime credit rating simply means that they will get to know almost instantly whether they qualify for a credit card or not. Even credit cards that offer instant approval to people with a sub-prime credit rating put a threshold on the credit score that qualifies for their credit card. If your credit rating is beyond the threshold then you will find is that you cannot get approved for an instant approval credit card.

The benefits of an instant approval credit card are that they offer numerous benefits. People with excellent credit rating can take advantage of instant approval credit cards to get themselves a credit card with least amount of hassle. They will also qualify for high credit limits. The amount of the credit limit will of course depend upon the credit rating.

The benefit of an instant approval credit card for someone who has a sub-prime credit rating is that he can qualify for a specialized card meant for people with low credit scores and then use it to improve their credit history.

Instant approval credit cards come with benefits and rewards programs similar to traditional unsecured credit cards such as cash back, airline miles etc. Discover credit cards come with an offer of up to 20% cash back while other credit cards offer different kinds of incentives and rewards programs.

As with any other unsecured card you need to make a choice while going for instant approval credit cards. Choose and apply for only the ones that you want. Since an instant approval credit card may also depend on a further credit check, making too many applications will result in too many Inquiries in your credit report which could be detrimental to your credit score. Choosing an instant approval credit card should also be based on the features of the credit card such as include tree rate of interest, standard rate of interest, billing cycle etc.

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