Can Landlord Give a Credit Report to the Tenant

First of all landlord can pull the credit report of his tenant once he has received written permission from the tenant. He may then freely share the information in the credit report and even give the tenant a copy. If a landlord decides to refuse tenancy to a client based on the credit report he is mandated by the law to reveal the factors present in the credit report that affected his decision.

However, you should understand that in case you want to get a copy of your credit report, getting one from your landlord or in any other business that has the ‘permissible purpose’ may create a certain demand of confusion. The copy of your credit report that is provided to businesses is different from one that is provided to you on your personal request. Most importantly the copy that is provided to businesses has some information missing that will be present on your personal copy of credit report. For example, the number of enquiries that have been made for your credit report along with the details of the source of enquiry such as name address etc are excluded from the copy that is provided to businesses. Also certain information like name of lenders and creditors are abbreviated. In many cases the copy provided to businesses is code for computer processing.

In case you want to access your credit report you should know that you are entitled to one free copy from each credit bureau once in 12 months. Depending upon the stage that you live in you may be eligible for more than one copy in a year or may be eligible for discounted prices. Certain circumstances like being refused a loan in the past six months because of your credit report, being unemployed and seeking a job or being recipient of welfare assistance can and title you to the feed credit report be on your stipulated free one.

In order to access your free credit report were to In order to read the step-by-step procedure to follow to access your free credit report go to

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