Effect of Stolen Checks on Credit Report

If any of you checks have been stolen or cashed fraudulently, then such a transaction will not reflect on your credit report. Credit report only has information about your financial transactions that have to do with credit such as loan accounts, credit cards etc. transactions for your checking account savings account are not recorded on your credit report.

However, many banks use the service that is called a check verification service. If a check of yours was cashed fraudulently you must contact your bank immediately and make sure that they update the records with the check verification company. This is done so that your account may not be held responsible for any negative activity. The thief may also try to make further charges to the account which is why it is a good idea to inform your bank straight away.

In case the check was stolen from your mailbox then you may have reason to worry about the impact on your credit report because the quiche may have stolen other information about you. If this information is sufficient that he may be able to steal your identity and attempts to obtain credit falsely in your name. You can review your credit report to detect any signs of unwarranted activity. The only problem is that if the thief is trying to open credit accounts fraudulently in your name, such enquiries may take a certain while to reflect on your credit report. Also the time the identity thief decides to take in doing this is also uncertain.

If you are worried about identity theft then there are two ways in which you can put your mind to rest.

1) you can implement a security alert on your credit report. This will alert your creditors that you may be a victim of identity theft. A security alert usually lasts on your credit report for a period of 90 days and puts a security blanket on it during this duration. The creditors are required by the federal law to respond to such an alert and give the consumer enough time to review the credit report whenever an enquiry credit is made and decide if any action is required. Normally when you apply for a security alert on a credit report from one credit bureau, all the three credit bureaus are notified of this alert.

2) The second option that you can go for is credit monitoring. When you sign up for credit monitoring you are notified of every single enquiry or change that occurs to your credit report. You also check your credit report as many times as you like without any restriction. Some credit bureaus also allow you to check the credit reports from all three national credit bureaus.

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