Is Making Minimum Only Credit Card Payments Enough to Keep Good Credit Score

A minimum monthly payment on a credit card is calculated by taking a percentage of the total balance that you owe and adding the finance charges to it. Finance charges for a credit card usually includes interest, cash transaction fees, late fees and any other charges that are a part of the terms of your contract. It is possible to maintain a good credit score by making only the minimum monthly payments on your credit card. You may also be able to repay your balance by only making the minimum payments every month but only if you do not make additional charges on your credit card. It will, of course, take you a very long time by the end of which you will most likely have paid a large amount as interest.

But if you continue to accrue further charges on your credit card then your credit score is likely to suffer. This is because the balance on your credit card will continue to increase as long as you keep making only the minimum monthly payments. As your balance to credit ratio decreases so will most likely your credit score. Do not get trapped into the cycle of making only minimum monthly payments while charging your credit card repeatedly. Many people have realized to their disdain that even after making the minimum monthly payments on the credit card for months they are hardly any closer to repaying the principal portion of their debt. The interest calculation on the credit card balance is also such that the total amount owed keeps increasing quite a bit with every billing cycle.

If you want to maintain a good credit score always try and make more than your minimum monthly payments on a credit card and keep paying off as much of the balance as possible.

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