How to Respond to a Security Alert on a Frozen Credit Report

Whenever you place a security freeze on your credit report new lenders and creditors can no longer access it without your permission. However, your current creditors may still be able to gain access to it in order to update various information. They may also be able to access it as a part of a routine check on your credit history. So in case you get the security alert from one of the credit bureaus notifying you of a change in your details such as name, Social Security number or address that it is most likely that this request for a change has come from one of your current lenders. The chances of a fraud due to identity theft are slim because no new creditors can either excess your credit report or report in your constant.

The only way that identity theft can be the reason is when somebody who currently has access to your credit report such as an employee of your current creditor is deliberately trying to steal information and take over the accounts. If somebody also has gone through the trouble of making extremely good forgeries of documents and sent them to the credit bureau, this could also trigger the security notice for change of personal details. In case a request for the change of address is made the credit bureaus sends a notification letter to both the previous address that it already has on its files as well as the new address reported. This is to ensure that you get the letter whether or not you have more to new address not. No sensitive information is included in this letter so even if you have not shifted to the new address you do not stand at any risk of your personal details getting stolen. In case you are fairly certain that no changes of address, Social Security number or name have been reported by you then you should get a copy of your credit report in order to check where this request for a change is coming from. In most cases it will be a case of error made by one of your current editors where during updating your account information they mistakenly transposed digit or an alphabet here and there will.

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