What Is Rapid Credit Repair?

Rapid credit repair is not for everyone. It is true that it can make quick change to your credit report by removing the inaccurate and outdated information within days and weeks. But not everyone should consider as a way of fixing their credit score. This method can be used by people who need money on credit urgently and the loan has been denied to them on the basis of their credit score. However, this system only works when the damage to your credit score is due to anomalies and errors in your credit report. Cases of identity theft are ideal for a rapid credit repair program because it can severely damage the score of a person. You should also be able to support your claims of errors by proper documents and proof.

The way that rapid credit repair works is that you get to work with a credit manager who acts as an intermediary between you and the credit bureaus. This manager is appointed by credit agencies that are subsidiaries of the national credit bureaus. You can easily find one locally in your town by contacting one of the credit bureaus.

This service is a paid service so you should make sure beforehand if you stand to benefit from becoming a part of the rapid credit report program. The first thing that you need to ensure is that there are genuine errors and outdated information on your credit report which can be disputed by you with adequate documented proof. Just saying so will not help matter any. There are, however, instances when the items are removed not because you provide proof to the contrary but because the creditor fails to provide the necessary information to substantiate the negative entry. The creditor is usually given a time for 30 days to provide this information.

Secondly, you should also be aware of the fact that removing the inaccurate negative items from your credit history will not necessitate an increase in your credit score. Discuss this aspect in detail with your credit manager before you decide to sign up for the program.

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