What To Do When You Discover Errors On Your Credit Report

There are few steps that you need to follow in order to fix an error on your credit report. The simplest way to collect a mistake on your credit report is to file a dispute online through the Web sites of the National credit bureaus. In order to dispute an item you are required to have a copy of your credit report that is not more than 90 days old. So if you have spotted an error on your free copy of credit report it is a good idea to dispute the item as quickly as possible. When you access your free copy from www.annualcreditreport.com you will also gain access to a certain section that allows you to disputes wrong accounts and entries on your credit file. Otherwise also it is simple to locate the link for filing disputes once you’re on the website.

Top the online dispute form is very simple and usually requires you to choose from a multiple-choice interface such as, “account is not mine” or “account was never late”

The other option for disputing mistakes on your credit file is to send a dispute letter by post.When you order your credit report by post,  it will come with a form that can be used to send the dispute back to the credit bureau. This form is simple and designed in a way to make this process streamlined. You usually need to provide quick and simple details such as account number and the reason for dispute in just a couple of words such as “account is not mine” or “account was never late”. There is also space to provide extra explanation or information if required.

You are of course free to write your own dispute letter if you feel that the scope of this predesigned dispute form sent by the credit reporting agency is not sufficient. When you send the dispute by post, you can also attach any documents as proof which validates the dispute. However, you should also know that it is the responsibility of the credit reporting agencies by law. To report accurate information if you simply dispute an item on your credit report, it is their duty to investigate it within 30 days and get back to you with the result.

Even if you are writing your own dispute letter, be precise and avoid eating into lengthy details. At all cost, avoid getting personal, listing personal problems or giving and unnecessary account of your dealings with the creditor.

You can follow the example of the online dispute form that does not require you to fill in information in detail and just tell the credit bureau the very basic summary of why you are disputing a particular account or information in your credit report.

It is also a good idea to call up the credit bureau a few days to check the status of the credit report dispute. It is also advised to send your dispute by registered post with a return receipt accepted. However this is not strictly required as it is very uncommon for a credit bureau to simply deny that it did not receive the dispute sent by the consumer.


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