It’s Better Not to Have A Security Freeze on Your Credit Report When Looking for a Job

Putting a security freeze on your credit report does not necessarily have to interfere with a job search.  The only thing is that it will make things a little more complicated.  A potential employer will not be able to check your credit report for your background reference till the time you have the security check in place.  In order to make sure that the employer has access to your credit report you will need to lift the security freeze well ahead in time.  This will require this will this will require that you anticipate every time an employer might need to access your credit report.  This leaves room for speculation since an employer might decide to do it any time from the time you make an application from the job to waiting after your interview.

Since thawing a security freeze on your credit report usually requires you to decide on a window period during which you want the security freeze to remain lifted you will have to do some guess work.

For people who have been victims of fraud and have submitted a police report to back this up freezing a credit report and lifting the security freeze is completely free of cost.  However for a person who has put a security freeze solely for the purpose of additional identity protection may need to pay up to $10 for every time they freeze and unfreeze their credit report.  It may also be a matter of speculation as to which credit bureau your employer is going to check the credit report on.  So in case you have put a security freeze on a credit reports from all three national credit bureaus you may have to pay up to $30 every time you want a potential employer to be able to view your credit report.

In case you haven’t made the application for the lifting of the security freeze well in advance the request from your employer could coincide with the process of lifting of the freeze and delay matters further.  This may in some instances prove to be unfavorable if the employer is in a hurry and needs an employee in a short duration of time.  If you are in the process of looking for a job it would be advisable to leave your credits reports unfrozen till you have managed to secure employment.

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