Dispute Does Not Result in the Disputed Information Staying Longer on the Credit Report

Any and all negative information on a credit report has a fixed period for which it will continue to show. This has been fixed by the law and nothing can remove it before that. The only exception is when the information is disputed and resolved in the favor of the consumer, in which case it will either be removed or deleted or updated as is required. If the lender fails to respond within 30 days of the dispute as he required to by the FRCA, the information about the concerned account will be deleted.

Under no circumstances will disputing information make it stay longer on the credit report.

It will go away after the time that is required by the federal law. Delinquent accounts and late payments stay on the credit report for a period of 7 years from the date that the late payment was first reported to the credit bureau. so do hard enquires. Tax liens stay for a period of 15 years. If an account goes in to collection, the collection agency is required by the law to carry the original date of delinquency in their records which means that even accounts that reflected as being collection will be deleted from the credit report after 7 years.

Deputing information on a credit report will not alter the original date of delinquency and nor will making payments on a delinquent or a collection account. It may change the status of the account or activity history of the account. But the date of delinquency will remain intact and so will the record of it till the period mandated by the law is over. After that it will automatically be deleted from your credit report.

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