Does Educational Qualification Affect Your Credit Score Calculation?

A credit score takes matters pertaining to credit in to account for determining the rating and nothing else. There is no bias for race, class, creed or religion.

Data pertaining to your debt such as credit cards, mortgage, auto loans are provided by the creditors to the credit bureau. No information about your income, saving accounts, investments or assets such as stocks and bonds is recorded in your credit report.

This information, however, typically figures in the assessment that a lender makes of your credit application. You may be asked to provide the figures for your current income and assets. Your education level may also figure in the negotiations. All these factors may be considered by he creditor before giving you a loan. In fact many creditors rely on personal information such as this more than they do on the credit scores. In any case only you can provide information about your finances that are not debt related as they will not be present on your credit report.

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