Always Get A Personal Copy Of Your Credit Report Before Disputing Errors

The first thing to do when you want to dispute errors to get your own personal copy of the credit report. there are several reasons for this. when you order your personal credit report, it is tailor made for your reading. There is helpful explanation and information that will clarify a lot of doubts. When you order a credit report from the credit bureaus, it is also accompanied with a break down of the report in detail. You will be explained the various different factors that are affecting your present credit score. If any account transaction is having a negative impact on your credit score you will easily be able to identify it.

Often while viewing a credit report that has been made available to you by either your lender or employer, there is confusion. The credit report that is made available to businesses is different from what is made available to you for your own personal viewing. Some information may not be listed on the copy that your credit has while other information may be listed in a different order or format.

Whenever you seek assistance from representative of the National credit bureau he or she will be viewing your personal credit report. If you want help on a particular transaction on account it is important that both people should be viewing the exact same copy. Otherwise it becomes difficult if not impossible to locate any particular transaction. An account that may be listed third on your copy of the credit report that you have obtained from other sources may be on a completely different sequence in your personal credit report. In order to be in synchronization with the customer care representative was trying to help, you should have your very own copy of your personal credit report.

Filing disputes online is perhaps the easiest way to go about it. But one of the first things that you will require is a personal credit report number. You will also need to provide exact transaction or an account number to file the dispute. You will also need to have a copy of your credit report that is not more than six months old. For these reasons you should get a fresh credit report before you file a dispute. Many times simply using your personal copy of the credit report and the breakdown of it clarifies many doubts.

Getting your own personal copy is now your right according to the fair credit reporting act. You can order of one or more free copies of your credit report from each of the National credit bureaus depending upon the state that you live in. You may also request a free copy if you are on unemployment benefit, have been denied a loan in the past three months on the basis of your credit report. To get a free copy of your personal credit report log on to

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