One Credit Bureau Does Not Report Dispute Results to Other Credit Agencies

In the scenario where you file a dispute with a credit bureau and have the dispute resolved in your favor, the credit bureau only update states own copy of your credit report. Each does not inform or notify the other credit bureaus of the dispute results or the changes made to your account. The onus to do this rests on the lender. The reason for this is perfectly clear. Only the lender has information about all the credit agencies that it reports the data to. The fair credit reporting act gives each credit the choice to report to one, all or none of the credit bureaus. Each credit bureau has no way of knowing whether the creditor is reporting to any other credit agency owner.

Hence whenever a dispute is resolved in the favor of the consumer and the information needs to be updated, the same fair credit reporting act requires the lender to report the updated information to all the credit agencies that it reports your account to.

In case he fails to do that you need to file disputes with the remaining credit bureaus as you did previously.

You should have also note that credit agencies apart from the National credit bureaus. Your lender is the best source of information to update all these records.

In order to correctly determine whether your account information has been updated with each credit bureau or not wait for 30 days and then maybe even a couple of weeks more before checking your credit report from the other National credit bureaus.

As extra information, you should know that National credit agencies are now trying to work together and have put the system in place that automatically has the lender apprise the three National credit bureaus whenever dispute is resolved with any one of them and information on the credit report needs to be deleted or updated.

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