How to Update Information with Other Credit Bureaus After Winning a Credit Report Dispute

If you have filed a dispute with one of the credit bureaus and have successfully managed to remove or update the disputed information on your credit report, you may be wondering if you need to update the other credit bureaus about the result yourself or does an automated system takes care of this.

If you win a dispute that you filed with a particular credit bureau, then that credit bureau will only update its own credit report about you. it will not report the results of the dispute to other credit bureaus. This is the responsibility of the lender. A lender is required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act to notify all the credit agencies that it reports to about the updates made to an account as a result of the dispute. The lender is supposed to do this within 30 days of settling the dispute.

Note: If the lender fails to respond within 30 days as provided by the FCRA, the credit bureau will delete the account from your credit report owing the absence of confirmation from the creditor. This deleted information will not get reported to other credit bureaus and you will need to check your other credit reports and follow the same procedure for a dispute.

Allow a few weeks for the information to be updated on all your credit reports. Order a copy of your credit report from all other credit bureaus to see if the information on your account has been updated. If it has not, then file a dispute with those bureaus and follow the instruction they provide. The best way to do this is online.

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