What Happens If A Lender Does Not Respond To A Dispute

When you file a dispute with the credit bureau the lender is mandated by the fair credit reporting act to respond to the dispute within 30 days. In case the lender fails to respond within this period the credit bureau erases the account in question. All the information regarding in that particular account such as late payment, delinquencies or closure are removed from your credit report.

However, this scenario is a little different than the one in which the creditor response but the dispute is settled in your favour. When this happens the creditor is required by the federal law to notify the other credit agencies that it reports your consumer data to. Usually if you give it a couple of weeks the account that was favourably disputed with one credit bureau gets reflected on the credit reports of the other national credit bureaus that the lender reports to.

In the situation where the creditor fails to respond to the dispute within 30 days the credit bureau that removes this information from its copy of your credit report only. It will not notify the other national credit bureaus about the removal of this account and most probably neither will the lender because he has not made any communication in the first place. You will first of all need to check your credit report from the other credit bureaus to determine whether the creditor reported that account to them in the first place. In case it has been reported you will have two individually filed disputes in a similar fashion to have the information updated or removed.

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