What to Do When Roommates Do Not Pay the Rent And Default on the Payment

It is not an uncommon situation where you are facing with our landlord because your roommates have not paid their share of the rent.

Depending upon the delay you may even be served with an eviction notice. Now you are wondering if your credit score will get affected if the matter is presented in the court even though you have been paying your share of the rent in time.

There are 2 thing to consider here. First do you and your roommates have individual contracts with the landlord or did you jointly agree to make the payments every month. Separate contracts for each roommates usually exist when the landlord is the one who chooses his tenants. A joint contract where a group of people agree to pay the landlord everyone exists when friends or people known to each other decided to take a place on rent jointly. In case of a joint agreement between friends to pay the rent, it is usually an informer verbal sort of an understanding.

If the matter is presented before court you are most likely not going to be affected with the judgment in case of individual contracts. Since you have made all the payments that you are required to every month you have not defaulted and hence haven’t violated the terms and conditions of your contract. Your name will most likely not even figure in lawsuit.

In case of a joint agreement between friends you will need to speak to your landlord whether your name is being included in the case being presented before court. In case you are being included then your credit score will definitely get affected. Agreeing between friends to pay the rent every month is like having a joint account. If one person cannot make the monthly payment and it becomes the responsibility of the second party to make the payment. So the non-payment of rent will be recorded in your credit reporters as well.

It is for this reason you must be careful while taking a place on rent jointly. The best thing to do this have the landlord agree to having separate individual contracts for each tenant even though you might be friends. This way you will not be held liable for their missing payments.

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