You Can Only Remove Inaccurate Negative Information By Disputing

Beware of credit repair services that that charge you a fee for a  promise to increase your credit score by removing the negative information on it in a matter of days. There is only one way to remove negative errors on your credit report. this is by disputing them. Only the negative information that is inaccurate, false or outdated can be removed from the credit report. you cannot remove the negative information that is accurate. This will go with time. For example if there is a payment that got deleted for more than 30 days and was reported to the credit bureau. once this entry has found its way on your credit report, it will stay on for a period of 7 years even though you continue to make the rest of the payments on time. This is why you should be careful about making payments on your loans and revolving credit. you should understand that the impact of the negative entry on your credit score and on the decision of lenders fades with time as the date of the transaction get older. After a couple of years the impact of a single recorded missed payment on your credit report is minimal.

These days various services seem to be coming up that promise to remove negative information from your credit report. they promise a difference in days and weeks. Be very careful of services that make such a claim. Disputing an error is something you can do yourself. An inaccurate entry gets removed when the investigation by the credit bureau proves that your claim is accurate. A negative item gets deleted under 2 circumstances. You either provide a proof that the recorded data is inaccurate and that the lender has failed to provide the right information to the credit bureau. or during investigation the lender fails to respond or provide information to substantiate the data reported by him.

You should completely avoid credit repair services that claim to remove legitimate negative information from your credit report. not only is it fraudulent but there are cases when the negative information is simply known to come back on the credit report after a month or two. Not only will your credit score be liable to suffer from some long term damage, you will suffer a further loss by paying these people for their fee and risk doing something that is illegal.

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