Credit Karma’s Free Credit Score – 7 Things You Need To Know

Credit karma is a very popular resource for people looking for information on their credit scores. These are a few important things you should now about and the services that they provide.

What is Credit is the only website that allows you to see you credit score for free. This was true at the time of writing this. You do not need to give your credit card details to see you credit score. You will need to give your social security number. This is what Credit Karma uses to access your credit score for the first time. However, this information is not stored with them. They only use it for first time use.

How is Credit Karma different from other free credit score offers

Credit Karma is different from other offers for a free credit score in the sense that the others are only a trial. You are required to provide your credit card information for a trial to some credit related service, the most common of which is credit monitoring. These trials are offered by all major credit bureaus i.e Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion as well as There are several other well known websites that offer these credit score trials as well.

Should you use Credit Karma or other free trails to see your credit score?

This depends on you really. You can use a free trial to see your credit score. However, keep in mind that it might be difficult to get out of trial which will result in getting your credit card getting charged at least for the first month.

However, if you really do intend to use the service for which you are getting a free trial, then this is not a bad idea. Have a look at the various offers on the website of the credit bureaus and to see if there is anything that you can use. Their services include Credit monitoring, 3-in-1 credit reports etc.

Credit Karma on the other hand offers completely free credit scores. You will never get charged to view your credit score.

What credit score does Credit Karma provide.

You will probably be well aware of the fact that there are more than one kind of credit scores in use. Each credit bureau has its own scoring model. On top of this your FICO score from different credit bureaus will probably be different from each other as well.

What Credit Karma provides you with is the Vantage Score. Vantage Score is a credit scoring model developed by the 3 main credit bureaus in cooperation with each other. The result is that this particular credit score will be the same no matter where you pull it from. Vantage Score uses your credit report information from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax and combines them to come up with your credit score. This is the reason why the score does not differ no matter where you get it from.

Who uses Vantage Score

The question obviously arise as to who uses Vantage Score for credit approval. According to the information released by the Credit Karma, the top 5 banks use it along with a host of other financial institutions including car insurance. In fact, Credit Karma also offer an automobile insurance score as well.

Why is Credit Karma free

If you are wondering how can CreditKarma be free when everyone else charges you for your credit score, the explanation is this. Credit Karma uses advertisement and endorsements to earn revenue. You will be able to do much more than just see your free vantage credit score on their website. You will also be able to avail a host of other services like compare credit cards and avail special offers from this credit card companies. There might be other credit other credit offers available as well such as car loans, home loans and savings accounts.

This is a logical outshoot of the service that Credit Karma provide. People interested in knowing their credit scores will also be interested in some credit service or the other. By having tie ups with credit card companies and providing offers to consumers is the way that they earn their revenue. For example they show a credit card that a particular consumer might qualify for. If a consumer interacts successful with these offers, Credit Karma earns a commission.

Should you use CreditKarma

Credit Karma definitely seems to be a good place to see your credit score for free. In fact as we have mentioned, it might be the ONLY place. Even if you are not looking for your vantage credit score in particular, any credit score is always a good pointer to your credit health. So before applying for any credit related service, you can use Credit Karma to check your credit health. They also have a lot of tools and information that can be of help. So go ahead and saunter over to and make the best of it.

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