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This post will talk about using the website of to get a free copy of your personal credit report once every 12 months from all 3 credit bureaus.

By now you are well aware of who can and cannot view your credit report. You also know that a credit reporting agency is under no obligation to tell you when negative or inaccurate information is being reported about you. This on its own is a good reason for you to review your credit report. Even if there is no imminent concern for you to see your report today, you haven’t seen them for a while or not at all, you should do it now.

Another excellent reason why you should not put off ordering your credit report is because you can get it for free. The FACT act has given every consumer this right. Another important time to check your credit report is before applying for a major loan or credit such as automobile loan or a mortgage home loan. You may be surprised at the information listed there. It is not uncommon for credit report to contain inaccurate data. You may be able to fix a lot of these before approaching the lender and thereby increasing your chances to qualify for the loan application. Even events like applying for a new job or even getting married call for a check of your free personal credit report.

As mentioned earlier, the FACT act allows you a free copy of your credit report once every 12 months from all the three national credit bureaus which, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

There is only one place where you can get your real and legitimate free copy of personal credit report. In fact the easiest and quickest way to get your free credit report is to order it online. Go directly to which is the official website created in response to the FACT act. When it comes to searching for a free credit report on the Internet you will find various advertisers and websites that tell you that you can get your free credit report from them. In fact, the credit reporting agencies are a few of the foremost advertisers promising you a free credit report. But what these other websites are essentially doing is they are offering you a trial offer and trying to sell you other products along the way, credit monitoring being the most common. For a personal copy of your personal credit report as stipulated by the FACT act, go to where you’ll find the that you can get your free credit report from all three major credit reporting agencies. This website has been created in association with all the three credit bureaus. You will have to access your credit report from each credit bureau one by one. Your personal credit report is not a compilation of reports so in all you can request three separate files. You can either do it all at the same time or stagger them over the year. If you have a spouse get his or her reports as well.

Directions for operating on

From the time that this was written and the time that you you read it and visit, the directions listed here might be different than what you actually find on the website. But the steps of getting your free credit report at the are something like this. The first step is to choose from a pulldown menu to indicate the state where you live. The next step is to click on the name of one of the three credit reporting agencies. You then have to answer some basic questions to identify yourself. You will have to answer some basic questions regarding your profile, including your name, address and Social Security number. You may be asked if your address has changed in the last two years. As long as you know that your latest address has been ported to the credit reporting agency you only have to type in your current address and answer no.

You will then need to answer a few security questions the answers to which only you are supposed to know. These questions could include certain account numbers etc. The individual credit reporting agency will then ask you what kind of credit report service you want. This is where you should be cautious. In spite of having been created to give consumers access to the free personal credit report, credit reporting agencies also offer their own services. Be careful to choose the option that indicates “report only.”

Any other offer that asks you whether you want your credit score or sign up for credit monitoring service or a consumer comparative rating analysis should be answered as ‘no’ unless of course you want to pay for these ancillary services as well. You can opt to buy your credit score here as as well, only be careful you what you were selecting his only your credit score and not a service that is going to be billed on a monthly basis. Also be aware at this point that the credit score that you might get will probably be a proprietary credit score of the credit reporting agency itself. If what you actually want is your fico credit score, then you are better off ordering it on the website of

It is a fact that the average consumer actually ends up spending money when they go looking for the credit report of the. The website of, even though created in compliance with the requirement of the fair and accurate credit transactions act, the credit reporting agencies have included their own services and offers on the website as well. The average consumer can get confused while on this website and end up choosing something that would cost them money. If it is only your free credit report you want, then you should stick to ordering your report only. Any other service that you want can always be taken up later.

You might even be required to submit an open, valid credit card number before your order is completed with one of the credit reporting agencies. The explanation given is that in case you decide to place an order for an extra service such as your credit score or credit monitoring service your credit card will be charged.

This information was true during the time that this article was compiled. It may all have changed via. So exercise your own judgment and use the website prudently.

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