Understanding Results of A Credit Report Dispute

Possible outcomes of a credit report dispute

When you get your updated credit report from the credit reporting agency in response to the dispute that you filed, on the first or second page, there should be a paragraph that tells you about the information that was reinvestigated. This section will list accounts and the result of that investigation. There are basically three possible outcomes and three ways in which a credit reporting agency shall respond to dispute. These are as follows:


This means that the disputed accounts were deleted and are removed from your credit report as if they never existed.

Verified — No change

This status means that the accounts were allegedly verified by the creditor and will not be changed in any way. They will be continued to be reported on your credit file as they were before. This outcome will probably be reflected by the words “verified, no change”.


When the result of the dispute investigation results in an updated status, things can get a little confusing. Updated could mean one of several things:

  • Late or past due indications were actually removed.
  • The source creditor reviewed the account and made an adjustment that would be so small or innocuous that you can’t see any change on your credit report.
  • The source editor returned the verification form along with the submission on your file which is similar to what they do once every few months anyway, to update your account.

Unless you actually see any negative information removed, such as late payments now showing as current, it can be maddening to try to figure out how one account was updated because you might not be able to tell. If it was not changed according to the specification, it might be time to send the credit bureau a follow-up letter. In the next few posts we will discuss communicating the the credit reporting agencies when the first dispute request does not have the desired result.

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