7 tips to find a good bankruptcy lawyer

A bankruptcy attorney or lawyer is the best person to consult with matters pertaining to filing of bankruptcy.

One decides to file for bankruptcy usually when the debt burden has become an impossible strain on the finances and one cannot see any way of actually paying off or settling the debt. Filing for bankruptcy is a process by which you can relieve yourself of all or most of the debt.

Why you need a bankruptcy lawyer

Filing for bankruptcy is not a decision that a person takes without serious consideration. In all cases professional advice must be sought. This is where the assistance of a bankruptcy attorney comes in.

Filing for bankruptcy can be a very complicated process with several legal procedures to comply with. With the amount of paperwork that one typically needs to complete, the bankruptcy process can get confusing and time-consuming. You should let a bankruptcy lawyer take care of this procedure for you.

A good bankruptcy attorney is also needed to give you the right advice as to whether your should file for bankruptcy or not. A good and capable bankruptcy lawyer will always look at your situation individually and consider whether an alternate course of action is better for you.

where to look for a bankrupty lawyer

How to find a bankruptcy lawyer

Finding a bankruptcy attorney in the yellow pages

The Yellow Pages can be a helpful resource when looking for bankruptcy attorney. The Yellow Pages can categorise the attorneys by their field of specialisation. However, it is difficult to just pick out a bankruptcy lawyer from the Yellow Pages. It of Yellow Pages. In order to choose an adequate bankruptcy attorney user you will need some kind of recommendation or referral.

If you are already know an attorney who is either a friend or handles some other business for you you can ask him for who recommendation for a good bankruptcy attorney. Usually you might be able to get some good suggestions and recommendations as bankruptcy attorneys and other attorneys are basically a part of the same professional circle.

Ask you family and friend to refer a bankruptcy lawyer

Someone you know and trust is quiet often a source for a lot of referral information. A bankruptcy attorney is no different. Ask your trusted friends and family. Even if they do not know a bankruptcy lawyer, they are likely to know a good lawyer who can further recommend a lawyer specialises in bankruptcy law practise.

Look for lawyers specialising in bankruptcy law

You should always look for lawyers who actually specialise in practising bankruptcy law. The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) is a well respected organisation. It also offers a list of attorneys who are registered with them. If you have discovered a bankruptcy lawyer on your own, check their website to see if he is registered with them.

Contact your state bar association

Every state has a bar association. The websites for these associations often have a lawyer referral service. You can find bankruptcy lawyers practising in your city by going through this resource. Bar associations also field complaints against lawyers. So this might be a good place to do some research on a lawyer you are considering as well.

Look online

You can do a search engine research. You will come across websites of firms and individual lawyers. These websites are a good place to discover more information about the law firm or the lawyer. You will get to know what kind of services are being offered. You can also check the specialisation of the lawyer and whether he practises bankruptcy law as his profession. The website have contact details like email address and phone numbers. You can use these methods to get more information and possibly to set up an appointment. You may aim for lawyers who are available for a free consultation to review your case. All the good ones will be willing to do this.

Choose a bankruptcy lawyer you are comfortable with

First of all, there are several red flags that you should know about. For example, a bankruptcy lawyer or a firm that gives you a quote or a fee without hearing your case may not be interested in giving you personal attention or considering alternate an alternate course. You do not want a lawyer who is indifferent.
Certain law firms may be case mills where they deal in bulk cases every month. You will not get the attention you want and neither will your case.
If an attorney is not interested in exploring your situation by examining your income and assets to determine if alternate solutions are possible, you are better off moving on.

In some cases you might meet a perfectly competent and experienced bankruptcy lawyer, who is charging you the right fee, and yet does not make you feel comfortable. It is advised by professionals that in the long run, it is still beneficial to move on and find someone you comfortable working with.

Find a bankruptcy lawyer who charges the right fee

Bankruptcy lawyer may charge you anywhere from $1000 – $3000. In certain states the courts put a cap as to how much a bankruptcy lawyer can charge.
More expensive law firms are not necessarily better as you might not personal attention. However, you are likely to find more experienced attorneys. Similarly, smaller lawyers do not necessarily give poor service although the experience might be lacking. At the end of the day, you cannot decide on a bankruptcy attorney solely on the basis of the fee. Take all factors in to consideration.

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