When Can You Negotiate for Lower Card APR

You may be given to believe that the interest rate on your credit card is something that cannot be negotiated or changed. The interest rate on a credit card may be of particular importance to a person who revolves a balance from one month to another. The higher the interest rate is the more money you would end up paying as interest and finance charges. Now the fact is that situation and circumstances might have well changed from the time that you first got your credit card.

Either your credit history might have substantially improved or the changes in the economy might have made it possible for interest rates to come down on credit cards. If you are aware that you can get another credit card at a lower interest rate you can call up your credit and specifically mentioned that you are getting credit card offers with lower interest rate than the one existing on your credit card. You can ask you credited to do something about it failing which he would be forced to switch to another card. You can put the same request in writing.

It is important though that you actually have a better credit card of before you make such a request or demand from their current credit card issuer. When you have an actual offer her a credit card with a lower interest rate not only are you in the position to provide accurate and verifiable information to the credit but also do not risk the chance of losing a credit card if your bluff gets called by the credit card issuer.

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