How To Fix Mistakes On Your Credit Report

The fair credit reporting act gives every consumer the right to dispute the errors on a credit report. The easiest way to dispute an error on a credit report is a filing a dispute online through the website of the credit bureaus. Whenever you order a credit report from each of the credit bureau or access it through you will be provided with a link to dispute any information that is an error. It is also advisable to send the dispute in writing avoiding any documents as proof to support your claim. The credit bureau has 30 to 45 days to launch an investigation into your claim and if it finds that your claim is will update or delete the information on your credit report as required.

What information is included in the credit report?

A credit report contains the following information.

Personal information — name, address, date of birth and employer.

Credit account history — credit card company, type of account, credit limit, balance, state is and two-year payment history.

Public records — bankruptcy filings, tax liens and federal court judgments pertaining to matters of credit and debt.

Credit Inquiries — both soft and hard Inquiries. Soft Inquiries are only made available to the consumer in his personal copy of annual credit report along with the date of Inquiry.

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