Warning – Credit Card Scams With Telephone Calls

This is a scam you receive a phone call or an e-mail that lets you know that you’re entitled to thousands of dollars as part of a credit card class-action lawsuit settlement. In order to be a part of the settlement you are required to first pay your taxes or legal fee on your portion of the money. It will require you to mail or wire the money to such an account. The fact is that once you wire or send the money you never receive a settlement and your money is lost.

Though class-action lawsuits themselves are legitimate and do happen, a class action lawsuit scam can be recognized beforehand.

Class-action members are seldom called about a settlement. You’re more likely to be contacted by mail and received an official letter from the creditor.

Settlement amounts are typically low and not in thousands of dollars since our class-action lawsuit involves hundreds and thousands of plaintiffs.

You will not be asked to pay any fee to receive a settlement in a genuine class-action lawsuit.

You can always check the information online. If there is a class-action lawsuit against the major credit or a company the odds are that it has been covered in the new somewhere. If you cannot find the information anywhere it is probably a scam.

If you receive such a call or notification do not send any money the matter how legal or legitimate it sounds. Instead try and get as much information as you can and what to call to the federal Trade Commission and your state’s attorney general’s office.

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