Stop Fraud Telephone Calls That Steal Credit Card Information

A telephone credit card scam works in a relatively simple manner. A person calls you on the telephone pretending to be a representative from your credit card company. They may ask you to provide them with sensitive personal information such as social security number, credit card number, credit card security code etc. in order to verify your account information. If you do happen to give out this information they will use it to make fraudulent transactions or create new accounts in your name. Credit card telephone scammers sometimes get you to call them back by leaving the number on your answering machine or in an e-mail.

You can avoid a credit card telephone scam just as easily. Never ever give out sensitive information on a telephone call that you have received. Scammers can even spoof your caller ID and have your creditor’s name show up. Only give out your information when you have initiated the call yourself to call after of issuer customer care number of your credit card from your billing statement or other official document. Do not respond to messages left on your answering machine or in an e-mail.

If you have by mistake given out sensitive information on the telephone when you shouldn’t have you should immediately alert your creditor. You may be given a new credit card number in order to prevent fraudulent charges being made on your existing credit card. After this incident has happened check your credit account and credit report carefully for any suspicious activity. You can place a temporary preliminary security alert on your credit report which will last for a period of 90 days.

Placing a security freeze for a fraud alert on your credit report will discourage new fraudulent accounts being opened. Monitor your credit report carefully and dispute any accounts of transactions that do not belong to you.

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