How To Keep Credit Card Information Safe When Shopping Online

In my opinion using a credit card online can be safer than using it in stores, gas stations and restaurants. But this only holds true if you are a little careful about how you use your card and follow some simple guidelines.

Use your credit card only on secure websites

This is probably the number one rule of using a credit card online. Whenever you are in putting your credit card number on a website make sure that the address of the website in the browser window starts with an HTTPS rather than a plain HTTP.

Shop and use your credit card at sites that are well-known. Be a little less inclined to use your credit card on websites that have no reference from search engines, other websites etc. These websites may be fake website set up to steal your credit card information.

Do not use your credit card from an Internet cafe Or a Public Location

Try and use your credit card only from a personal computer. It is possible that your secured credit card information may get compromise at an Internet cafe or a public computer as it may be infected with the virus or a key logging software which will record your keystrokes and steal your credit card number and other information.

Check the References of the Website

If you are going to use your credit card on a websites that you haven’t heard about earlier, you can check the references of the website from The Better Business Bureau or by doing a simple Google search and finding out other references about the company such as

Use a Credit Card Instead of a Debit Card

It is advisable that you use a credit card online rather than a debit card. Most of the people may feel more secure using a debit card but this sense of security is false. The rules and regulations that govern the transactions on the credit card are more flexible and beneficial to the consumer when it comes to fraudulent transactions. With a credit card your maximum liability for fraudulent charges is $50 whereas in case of a debit card it can be as high as $500. Since debit cards are linked to savings or checking account, you risk losing all the money in your account if your debit card information is compromised. The credit card is limited by the credit limit. Fraudulent transaction from a debit card results in money being taken out of your account immediately. It could take a very long time to recover this money whereas in the case of a credit card nothing gets withdrawn from your savings account immediately and you may not have to make any payments towards the fraudulent transactions at all.

Save a Confirmation of Payment

Whenever you make a payment online you will usually offered the choice of saving or printing out the payment receipt. Always do this purpose of future reference. In case the transaction does not happen you do not receive the services of the goods that you offer you can always ask your credit card company or the bank to retract the transaction.

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