What to Do When Your Credit Card Is Stolen Or Lost

Here are some of the few steps as you should immediately take if your credit card is stolen or lost. A stolen credit card has the potential of doing a heart of damage since fraudulent transactions of high-value can be made using that information. Although you are not usually liable for more than $50 on fraudulent transactions made on a stolen credit card, it can still be a big inconvenience.

Reporting Lost Credit Card

The very first thing that you need to do is report your missing credit card to the credit card company. Make sure that you have put down the number of the customer care service for your credit card somewhere very can easily and quickly access it. Do not rely on the number being present on the back of your card since you will not have that number it edit card goes missing. Have it stored on your mobile and somewhere in a diary at home. You may also be able to go online and report the missing credit card on the website of the credit card issuer. However, it is better to speak to somebody immediately on the phone and follow that conversation with the written letter reporting the loss. You should mention your account number, the date that’s the credit card was stolen or you noticed it was missing and the date and amount of your last purchase if known to you.

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