How To Prevent Merchants from Blocking Money On Your Credit Card

You can follow the following tips to stop hotels, car rentals and restaurants from blocking your credit card limit in advance.

  • When you check into a hotel or rent a car or if a restaurant or any other merchant asks for your credit card in advance, ask if an amount is being blocked, how the amount is determined and how long the block is meant to remain in place.
  • Try and pay for the hotel bill or the car rental bill with the same credit or debit card that you used at the beginning of transaction. This usually helps in clearing the prior block faster.
  • If you are going to pay them with a different method such as cash, check, remind the person processing of payment to notify the credit card company to remove the block immediately.
  • Speak to your bank or credit card company and find out how long do they maintain a block on your credit limit and from what type of merchants.
  • If you travel frequently or face this kind of a situation often, you may consider getting an overdraft line of credit from them. Inquire about a plan that automatically covers the overdraft. Although you are likely to pay some interest on the amount that you would draw, this amount will not be much if you pay it off quickly. Having an over draft facility is better than being penalized by additional charges for overdrawing on your debit card or going beyond your credit card limit. Get the details from your bank how the line of credit works and how much it costs.
  • Keeping the point of credit card blocking in mind is especially useful when shopping around for new credit or debit card. When comparing various credit card offers, ask the credit card company how they handle blocks. Do they permit it, for how long and from what type of merchants. If you find that this point is indeed important to your credit card usage, you may want to consider a credit card that uses shorter blocks for a less period of time.

What Is Credit Card and Debit Card Limit Blocking

How do hotels and car rentals block your credit card limit in advance.

The most common examples of credit and debit card blocking happen when you either check in at the hotel or rent a car. When you use a credit or debit card to check into a hotel or rent an automobile the person at the counter usually contacts the credit card company to which your credit card belongs and blocks a certain amount on it. In other words, a hold is placed on a certain amount of money. The amount of money that is blocked depends upon the kind of expenditure that you intend to make. For example, when you check into a hotel, the amount of money that is blocked or held on your credit card will depend upon your intended duration of stay. Similarly, for a car rental, the actual rent plus anticipated charges such as incidentals like food, gasoline can add to the blocked amount.

You should understand here that about amount is not exactly charged to your credit card. It is simply withheld from your overall credit limit. This means that if you have a credit card with a credit limit of $3000 and $1000 are blocked when you check into a hotel, your active credit limit from then on will only be $2000. For this reason, blocking a credit card can often surprise people when their credit cards are denied due to insufficient funds in the next transaction. People do not understand that their credit card limit or the balance in their bank account has been blocked for a certain amount previously.

When you finally pay the bill with the same credit card for your hotel bill or for the car rental, the final charge on your credit card or your debit card will replace the block in a day or two. However, if you pay the bill using a different credit card or using another method such as cash or travelers checks, your credit card company may take much longer to remove the block. It is not uncommon for funds to be blocked for up to 15 days after you have made the final payment. This happens because the credit card company does not get notified of the final payment and is not aware that you have paid the final build using other means.

Why credit and debit card blocking can be a problem

A block is put on the credit card in order to ensure that you have enough credits to match remaining on your card to meet the final bill. It is a way that the merchant uses to ensure that you will be able to meet the final expense by estimating the expense beforehand and blocking it. Otherwise, the hotel or rental agency might find that your credit is not sufficient to cover the bill leaving the merchant unpaid. Credit and debit card blocking can also be used sometimes for restaurants for anticipated sizable bills for large groups and dinner parties. Once again this is done to ensure that enough account money or credit will be available to to complete the payment at the end.

If you are not close to your credit limit, the amount being blocked but probably not cause a problem. However, if you have already utilized much of the credit limit on your card, you might have your card declined which can be embarrassing and inconvenient. Blocking off a certain amount can also lead to a shortage of available funds for an emergency purchase or need. The debit cards of course depend upon the balance in your bank account and a block on the debit card will result in the funds in your bank account being held. Blocking in this case could lead to charges for insufficient funds while the block remains in place.


Reasons for Choosing a Secured Credit Card

The need to apply for a secured credit card usually arises when you cannot get a conventional credit card.

A Secured Credit Card Allows You to Make Transactions Which Will Not Be Possible without Credit Cards Such As Online Travel Bookings

A  person mostly needs a credit card  for the purpose of doing certain financial transactions that cannot be otherwise managed. It is unlikely that the person can or should go through life without ever using a credit card. Not only are certain things like shopping online, making ticket reservations, making holiday bookings etc impossible without the use of a credit card, but there is also the fact that using a credit card is one of the best and simplest ways of building up a credit history.

A Secured Credit Card May Be the Only Option for a Person with No Credit History Or a Poor Credit Rating

A person needs to have a good credit history in order to qualify for loans, credit cards and even housing rentals and employment. However. Even though credit cards form basic and elementary part of individuals lives a person who is applying for a credit card for the first time and does not have any existing credit history may find it difficult to get his application approved from a creditor.

A Secured Credit Card Can Help You Rebuild Your Credit Rating and Credit History

Similarly a person who is trying to rebuild credit after damaging his credit rating you to mismanage finances will find getting approved for a credit card a difficult process. And in these circumstances is quite often recommended that such a person make use of a secured credit card. Since secured credit cards are easier to get and conventional credit cards, a person can get the advantages of conventional credit card by choosing to use a secured credit card instead. The following are some simple facts about secured credit cards that person must keep in mind.

Why You Should Not Apply for Too Many Credit Cards At Once

Do not apply for too many credit cards even though you realize that they are important to have. Life in the modern time is almost unthinkable without the usage of credit cards. Credit cards are not only essential financial tools many do not have ready cash in hand but also facilitate transactions which are otherwise not possible without a credit card such as online shopping, hotel booking, buying airline tickets etc. However, you must bear in mind that you should plan out your credit card applications in a way that you do not apply for more credit cards than you actually require. If you have made a couple of credit card applications you should wait till you get the result of those applications. Applying for too many credit cards all at once in the hope of qualifying for at least a couple is harmful to your credit rating. Paying too many credit applications in a short amount of time is viewed as a risk by the credit scoring model. It signifies financial trouble of a person who is trying to make up for his lack of income by applying for credit. Somebody applying recklessly to credit signifies a person who is liable to get himself under a law to debt in a short amount of time and is thus a risk to the lenders.

If you have made a credit card application and it does not get approved you should typically wait a couple of months before making any more credit card applications. If you’re fairly confident of getting approved of the credit card application you should wait before you actually know if you have been approved or not. Do not apply for more than two credit cards at one point of time.

It is a general rule that a credit check for approval of credit card can lower your credit score by as much as five points. Apart from this having gas credit cards or stored credit cards such as Sears, Macy’s etc has the potential of lowering your credit score even further and by as much as 20 points or credit card. Hence, contrary to popular thinking credit card approval is not necessarily good for your score.

It is thus advised to always check the credit card features and apply for the ones that best it your needs. Store cards and gas credit cards are usually not advice since they only offer savings on shopping on a particular store but then the high interest rate on revolving balance can offset the advantage easily.

Apply for credit cards and seek approval only when necessary.

Although you may get tempted and it may seem exciting to apply for credit cards while the offer is presented, the practice is not healthy for your credit score. Keep your credit applications to the minimum especially if you ready to not need it. Having a higher credit score provides for benefit in the long run and when you need it rather than a credit card that you do not have a require.

Reasons For Choosing A Credit Card With the Lowest Possible Interest Rate APR

Many credit cards today offered several sorts of benefits and rewards to consumers. However the benefit of having a low interest credit card may outweigh any other rewards program that the credit card may come by. The difference between regular and low interest credit card is that it is charges a much lower rate of interest than is customary. A low interest credit card helps you save money in the long run especially if you happen to revolve your balances every month. If you are in the habit of paying your balance in small monthly installments you can save a lot of money by transferring your balance to a low interest credit card which may offer you as low as 0% introductory interest rate in the first six months. The trade-off is that you get charged a certain percentage fee for the balance transfer which is usually about 1% to 5% of the balance. This free usually is recovered in the first couple of months since you save money on the interest payment.

A low interest credit card debt is not only of the low introductory rate of interest but continues to have a lower rate of interest.

For example a person carrying a balance of a $2500 on the credit card could save in well over $50 if there are current APR is about 20% if the transfer balance to a low interest credit card that offers a 0% period of introductory interest rate.

A low interest credit card has the primary benefit of saving money on interest. A low interest credit card can come in the use of a person from making number day-to-day small purchases. Any expense that needs to be met over a period of time will be made through a credit card that has a low interest rate. Not only will you be able to make expenses at a small interest rate but will also on rewards such as airline miles or cash back for using a credit card more.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Rewards Credit Card and It’s Advantgaes

The rewards on a credit card are a way for the credit card provider to show appreciation for your business. The credit cad providers not only make money when you pay them interest on a balance but also when you use the credit card to make a transaction. They make money from the processing fee that they charge the merchant.

A rewards program is a way of giving something back to the consumer for his business. Rewards programs also make credit cards more attractive to the consumer. It is important to choose the right rewards program to make sure that you enjoy the maximum benefit.

Although credit cards offer the convenience of spending money on credit and in places where cash transactions are not possible, rewards of the credit card is an added benefit. Rewards programs for airline miles and cash back are the most common kind of rewards. Cash back is a universal program that suits mostly everybody. Airlines miles card can be enjoyed by a person that travels a lot. The person can convent his miles to free tickets or discount his air ticket.

There are other rewards available as well.

The idea behind choosing the right rewards program on the credit card is to be able to utilize it. An airlines miles card does not mean much to a person who doesn’t travel.

A rewards program helps you get more out of your credit card.

The programs will become more and more completive as the credit cards get competitive. Choose well and get maximum benefit out of using your credit card.

Unsecured Credit Cards For Bad Credit Rating

People often wonder if there are unsecured cards being offered to people who have bad credit rating. An unsecured card as opposed to a secured card simply means that it is a conventional credit card that does not require you to make a security deposit as collateral to get approved for the credit card.

There are certainly some credit cards providers that offer unsecured credit cards for bad credit. These credit cards work in the same manner as a conventional credit card where you have the ability to spend on credit and pay off the balance at the end of the month or revolve it over the next few months.

Even with credit cards for bad credit rating there is a limit to how low the credit score of a person can be in order to qualify. If your credit score is shot beyond this point then you will not be would qualify.

It is getting increasingly difficult to get credit on a bad credit rating. You will usually need to off set this by showing proof of income, a good history with your savings account or having someone else with a good credit history to cosign with you on the credit card application.

People with a sub-prime credit rating can qualify for a bad credit card which are specifically meant for people with low credit score. These cards typically have a low credit limit and a high interest rate. This means that you’ll pay a higher cost for revolving your balance. This is the primary incentives for companies the credit card companies. By charging are heavy rate of interest they stand to make more money as well as to cover the additional risk of lending to a person with sub-prime credit rating. The low credit limits on these kind of credit cards and shows that the consumer does not get himself under a large amount of debt and also reduces the amount of risk that the creditor takes in providing the consumer with a sub-prime rating credit card. However, since credit card debt is the commonest kind of debt and is unsecured, credit card companies are still vary about giving them to people with a shaky credit history.

But getting yourself a credit card and using it wisely is recommended to someone with a bad credit rating because the benefits to your credit history are the same as for anyone else. Like using any other and secured credit card you will have the opportunity of improving your credit rating. Credit card lenders usually report to at least one of the three major national credit bureaus Equifax, TransUnion and Experian.

By making timely payments on your credit card you will build a credit history and improve your credit rating overtime which may result in you qualifying for a lower rate of interest and higher credit limits on your credit card in the future.

How to get Visa Credit Cards

Visa is one of the most popular credit card providers in the world. There are perhaps the most widely accepted credit cards in the world and in very close competition with MasterCard. You will not find much difficulty in qualifying for a visa credit card if you have a good credit score. Since Visa credit cards are a major line of credit cards from a major credit card provider your credit score will need to be up there in order to qualify with ease. In case it is not you may find that it is better to review your credit report before applying for a visa credit card and make it as positive as possible.

One of the features of a Visa credit card is the wide range of programmes, benefits and rewards that they offer on their credit card. You will find a huge variety in the kinds of credit card that offer airline mile programs, retail shopping points rewards, hotel rewards, travel rewards and several other such bonuses. A cashback system or a rewards system on a visa credit card is usually very sought after. A cashback is a reversal feature that everybody can take advantage of whereas the point system provides you with one point for every dollar he spent on your Visa credit card. East points can then be further redeemed for gifts and discounts that visa credit card offers their customers.

Before choosing a Visa credit card you should pay certain attention to the kind of credit cards that you are choosing. Since visa credit cards come in several denominations and variations, the important features that you could pay attention to would-be,:

A lower rate of interest.

A low introductory rate of interest for a balance transfer card.

No annual membership or processing charges.

Fraud protection in terms of the card getting stolen or lost.

A quality rewards program that you can utilise according to your lifestyle and usage sisters airline miles, retail points or cash back.

It’s also possible to get a Visa credit card for business use. These are business credit cards are designed for small businesses to mid-sized and large corporations. A Visa business card can fulfil the buying of the business by expanding their credit limits. Having a credit card from are major credit card provider like Visa can fulfil all of your credit card needs. You should however shop around and pay attention to the important features of the credit card is such as interest rate, billing cycle etc before choosing the right Visa card for yourself.

How to Get MasterCard Credit Card

MasterCard credit cards are among the top credit card providers in the world. The credit cards provided by must cards can not only be used nationally but all over the globe. Since MasterCard credit cards are coveted credit cards you will need to have a good credit history in order to qualify for one. For this reason it is a good idea to pay attention to your credit report before applying for a MasterCard credit card.

MasterCard credit cards are also available for students. This is a good option for someone who is young and has not had the chance to establish is credit history. Students in college can take advantage of the MasterCard student credit card which has a low credit limit. By using this card responsibility they can demonstrate there are ability to handle a credit card and increase their credit limit in the future. If you do not have a credit history or have a credit history that suffers the to certain actions circumstances you can still get a MasterCard credit card. MasterCard also offers secured credit cards which are a good option for people who cannot qualify for conventional credit card.

Getting a MasterCard credit card will provide you with a great degree of freedom as far as spending is concerned. MasterCard credit cards or expected not only nationally but globally at all major and small retailers, businesses and service providers. MasterCard credit card offers several features to their customers along with providing an excellent customer care support.

It is always a good idea to check your credit report before applying for a MasterCard credit card. Any negative information on your credit report that can be removed or improved should be done so before applying for a MasterCard credit card. This will greatly improve your chances of qualifying for the credit card. Sometimes the credit limit that you qualify for also depends upon your credit rating. So the better your credit rating the higher your credit limit will be. The credit rating on a MasterCard credit card will benefit you in two major ways. First for it will give you a larger degree of freedom in the amount you can spend. This will be beneficial when making major buys or making travel plans which require the liquidity of a relatively large amount of credit. Secondly, having a higher credit limit will decrease your credit utilisation ratio which will further benefit your credit rating.

One of the main advantages of having a credit card from a major credit card provider such as MasterCard is that it provides you with ease of mind knowing that you have a line of credit available to you that can be used almost at any point of sale, business or service provider in case of emergencies. Having a credit card from MasterCard gives you the kind of flexibility and freedom that you may desire from your credit card.

Is It Possible to Get 0% Credit Cards As a Promotion?

In a search for a credit card with low interest rates you may come across several mentions of credit card that charges you percent interest rate. This can statement leads the consumer to ask whether a 0% credit card really exists. The answer is yes 0% credit cards to exist but not in the wake that you might think. Credit cards that offer a 0% interest APR are usually talking about the introductory rate of interest. An introductory rate of interest is the interest rate that is applicable on a credit card in first sign up for it for the first few months which ranges typically from 2 to 12 months. Several major credit card providers offer a 0% credit card which includes:

Capital One


Bank of America


So what are the biggest benefits of 0% credit cards? Are they all what they promise to be? What are the terms and conditions that come with 0% credit card during the introductory period? How to choose the best 0% credit card for your needs? There are certain things that you must pay attention to when choosing a 0% credit card for yourself.

Actual Rate of Interest

The introductory 0% interest rate will eventually end on your credit card. The interest rates that becomes applicable on your credit card once the introductory period is over is what you would eventually have a for the remainder period of time that you keep and use it credit card. It is quite possible that one of the introductory rate of interest is 0% the typical rate of interest is quite high. It could even be a flexible rate of interest. Not being sure of the interest rates that will come into effect after the 0% interest rate is over good at you in for a rude surprise.

Balance Transfers

0% interest rate credit cards are of a great appeal to people who are looking transfer the balance from a credit card that charges are higher rate of interest. However, you must take care to give attention to the other fees associated with a balance transfer. Many balance transfer credit cards that offer a 0% rate of interest during the introductory period charge a certain amount of fee which is the percentage amount of the balance being transferred. This percentage amount usually ranges from one to 5%. You should also calculate whether you’ll be able to repay the balance during the introductory period or not. Not being able to pay one the 0% interest rate is applicable means that you will need to repay the balance that’s the interest rate that comes into effect later on which may be higher than the credit card you are using currently. The best bet is to choose a credit card that not only offers the 0% interest rate on the introductory you time but also offers a reasonable rate of interest once the introductory period is over.

Look at Other Features of the Credit Card

Do not choose a credit card merely on the basis of the 0% interest rate during the introductory period. While this may be the single most important factor that you decide on the card different 0% interest rate of a different onus programs and reward points. Choosing between different 0% credit cards pay store on the reward programs is more suited to your lifestyle and needs could make the card more ideal for you. Different 0% credit cards offer different rewards such as free airline miles, cash back, retail points etc. If you choose the right rewards point for yourself you’ll find that you will enjoy using the credit card more even after the 0% introductory APR is over.