How To Get A Free Credit Report In Australia and UK

Free Credit Report In UK

You can get a free credit report in UK from Experian and Equifax credit bureaus. The law states that every consumer be provided a statutory copy of his personal credit report every year. However, this service is not completely free. You will have to pay £2 to access your annual statutory credit report in UK. So the credit report in UK is not really a free credit report, but a Statutory Credit report.

Your statutory rights to a personal credit report in  UK include the right to:

  1. Be posted a copy of your Statutory Credit Report within 7 working days of receipt of your request and payment unless you order the instant on-line report.
  2. Dispute inaccurate information on your credit file.
  3. Have errors corrected within 28 days.

Order your Statutory Equifax Credit Report Online in UK Here: Equifax Statutory Credit Report – UK

Order your Statutory Experian Credit Report in UK here. Experian Statutory Credit Report – UK

Of course you can also buy a credit report from equifax and experian websites. They offer trial offers of credit monitoring which allow you to see your credit report for free for the first 30 days.

To get your Experian free credit report in UK visit – They offer a free 30 day trial offer where you can access both your Experian credit report and credit score.

There is a similar offer from Equifax which can be found at Equifax also offers you the UK statutory credit report for £2. You can opt to receive it by post within 7 days or get instant online access. You can also dispute errors in your credit file and have Equifax give you the result of the investigation in 28 days.

Sample Credit Report In UK

sample credit report in uk

Free Credit Report In Australia:

You will need to contact the credit reporting agencies to obtain a copy of your credit reports. You will be asked to provide information to enable them to properly identify you. This will include:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your address
  3. Your date of birth
  4. Your previous address
  5. Your driver’s licence number.
  6. Two forms of identification including•a copy of your driver’s licence, passport, birth certificate or Proof of Age card, as well as•a document issued by an official body which includes your name and address (i.e. rates notice, utility bill or bank statement)
  7. Your current employer or a previous employer
  8. Name of the organisation to which you last applied for credit
  9. A daytime telephone number
  10. Your signature
  11. How you would like your file sent to you, via post, fax or email

Credit reports are generally required to be given free of charge.There are two main credit reporting agencies. Their contact details are:

Veda Advantage Public Access PO Box 964 North Sydney NSW 2059

Phone:1300 762 207 Fax: (02) 9278 7333


Dun & Bradstreet Public Access Centre Dun & Bradstreet (Australia) P/L PO Box 7405 St Kilda Road VIC 3004

Phone: 132 333 Fax: 03 9828 3185


People living in Tasmania can also contact:

Tasmanian Collection Service: GPO Box 814H Hobart TAS 7001

Phone: 03 6213 5555 Fax: 03 6234 2988

URL: Email:

There is an express service also offered by these credit bureaus and other 3rd party websites that send the credit report in one business day. This is a paid service and costs anywhere around 30 – 40 AUD approximately.

A Few Good Reasons Why You Should Keep A Check On Your Credit Report

Keeping track and maintaining your credit report has become all the more important in the current day and time. This is a shortcut to her to keep your credit report accurate and up-to-date. Maintaining your credit report means that you maintain the accuracy of information present on your credit file. There is much doubt and misinformation when it comes to credit report in the minds of the people. The commonest misconception or lack of information manifests in the form why are the person is not aware that he can access his on/credit report from each of the three credit bureaus for free. Also checking your own credit report does not affect credit score.

The reason why you need to keep track of your credit report is that not only do lenders check your credit report when you apply for credit at several other entities such as you landlords, employers etc might check your credit report in order to establish your trustworthiness and reliability. Employers prefer to hire people who are responsible financially and landlords prefer to rent out apartments and houses to people who are financially stable and sound. To these people a good credit report means everything and may make the difference between exceptions and denial for your application.

Keeping track of your credit report has been made easier over the years by providing you instant credit report over the years as well as a free copy from each of the three credit bureaus. However, many people still neglects this aspect of their financial well-being. They have no idea what their credit report is likely it’s too late and they get a rude shock and credit application is denied. Just so that you don’t have too be rudely shocked into acknowledging that your credit rating is suffering because of mismanaged and inaccurate credit report, make sure that your credit report has all the positive data being reported and no negative errors and mistakes on it. Not only is checking your own credit report easier but also disputing and removing the false and negative information. All you have to do is father dispute with the credit bureaus.

In order to have a sparkling credit you need to be a savvy consumer and be aware of your rights and privileges that come from having a good credit history. Your credit report not only determine your borrowing capability but also many other facets of your life. For this reason keep track of your credit report and make sure that the information it contains is accurate and positive.

Get My Free Annual Credit Report from 3 Credit Bureaus

If you wish to access your annual credit report for free the best place to find it is on the website of Annual Credit This website gives you the credit report that is provided to every consumer according to the federal law. This website will provide you with a free copy of your credit report once every 12 months. You can access your credit report from each of the three credit bureaus experience, TransUnion and Equifax. This website will only provide you with a copy of your annual credit report and not the credit score. You can either excess your free credit reports from the three national credit agencies all at once or you can stagger your requests over the year which will allow you to monitor your credit report more frequently.

There are other a credit websites that offer to give you credit reports as well. These websites either usually not free. Websites that charge you a membership fee to access your credit report are a good option for people who have been experiencing repeated incidence of identity theft or are trying to repair their credit. Such consumers might need to monitor their credit report frequently. And your credit only provides you with one free copy from each credit bureau once every 12 months. If you need to access your credit report more frequently you can use these other a credit websites which includes the websites of the three credit agencies Experian, TransUnion and Equifax to access your credit report from a credit bureau more than once in a given year.

It is important to check your annual credit report because it is an important part of your financial well-being. You will find it difficult to get approved for loans credit without a good credit history. Since identity theft and mistakes on a credit report are common and frequent reasons for a credit report not being up to the mark, checking it as often as required is an effective way to make sure that your credit file is accurate and healthy.

The credit websites that offer you a credit report for a fee can also be used to access a copy of your credit report for free. This is because several credit monitoring websites offer you a free trial of the service. If you cancel within the free trial period which is usually between 7 to 15 days, you will not have to pay anything to access your credit report using the trial period. However, if you forget to cancel within the trial period your credit card will be charged for the monthly billing cycle and the consequent months as long as you do not cancel your subscription.

Getting You Free Annual Credit Report Online

Your annual credit report from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, the 3 national credit bureaus can be accessed online in a matter of few minutes. Not only that, but this process is completely free of cost.

Checking your annual credit report is the easiest and fastest way to access your annual credit report and perhaps also the safest.

Checking your annual credit report from the 3 national credit bureaus is important because a credit report is used for loan approval, residence approval, job application approval, utility service connection approval and so on. A good credit report ensures that you have the purchasing power that you need. It makes sure that money is available to you on credit when you need it.

The website which is officiated to provide you with your personal copy of the annual credit report is

Learn more about how to sign up with

Checking your credit report online is the choice method of checking your credit report because it is instant and free. The Fair and Accurate Credit Reporting Act is a federal law that gives you the right to access your credit report for free from all the 3 national credit bureaus once every 12 months, TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. You can also order your credit report through the snail mail for free but the delivery takes 2 to 3 weeks. Since it is advisable to view your credit report before applying for an automobile loan, credit card, home loan you can find quick access to your credit file instantly online and at no cost.

You can also take out a printout of your credit report once you are viewing it in your Internet browser. It is the same as taking out a printout of any other webpage. The main advantages of viewing your credit report online is that it is instant, it is free and it is more secure than ordering it over mail or the telephone. While both of these methods can also be used to avail your free credit report, they are not instant and can take up to 15 days for your request to be processed.

Getting online on to view your credit report means that you simply have to register and provide certain personal information to verify your identity and you can have access to your credit file instantly from all three credit bureaus once every 12 months.

5 Steps in Fixing Your Own Credit Report

While repairing your credit can seem like a daunting task in the beginning, it is fairly simple if you look at it in systematic steps. While it is true that you can perform almost all the actions that a credit repair agency can do you, you will need to decide whether or not the results will be just as effective as when dealing through professional agency. There are certain circumstances in which hiring legal counsel or professional credit repair agency is advisable and more effective than trying to perform the steps yourself. It can even be more time saving to enlist the help of a professional. However, these are the few basic steps that you can follow to repair your credit.

Step one order your own credit report

The first thing free to do is to order your own credit report for free from annual credit Viewing your credit report will enable you to identify the problem areas. You can order a free credit report from each of three major credit bureaus Equifax Experian and TransUnion once in 12 months.

Step two – Read and Understand Your Credit Report

You should understand and read your credit report if we to understand which negative items are affecting your credit score negatively.

Step three – Identifying Inaccurate Information

You identify information that is not correct on your credit file such as accounts that are not reported properly, presence of accounts that don’t belong to you etc. It is not uncommon for wrong information to find its way on your credit report. If this information is negative which it most serious, it will impact your credit score negatively.

Step four – Filing Disputes with Credit Bureaus

Once you have located the inaccurate information on your credit or you need to mail dispute letters to the credit bureaus disputing those errors. Keep a copy of these letters with you as proof of the dispatch and request. The credit bureaus are required by the law to respond within 30 to 45 days to the consumer with the results of the investigation. Send in all documents that could be used as proof of a claim. Always send copies as the credit bureaus will not return the original to you.

Step five – Using Credit Counseling

The first for steps are steps that every consumer can do on his own to repair his credit. However in certain circumstances the consumer might feel that he is better of using a professional service. You can use the help of a legitimate credit answering service to help you do all of the for steps mentioned above as well as to take things a little further by helping you negotiate with your creditors for better interest rate and enrolling you in debt management plan.

The Important Points You Ought to Check When Viewing Your Credit Report

The first thing that you need to do in order to check your credit report, is to get a recent copy of it first. It is also equally important that you check your personal credit report rather than the one that is provided to businesses as your personal credit report is designed for you to read and understand it better as well as contains some information that is not made available on the ones meant for businesses.

In order to know where to get your credit report, you can read the following 2 guides:

Getting your Free Annual Credit Report and Where to Check Your Credit Report.

Now that you have got your credit report, we need to discuss how to check it. In order to check your credit report, you will need to verify the information present on it. So let’s start with understanding the credit report and the information present on it. Your credit report will contain a wealth of information. It will contain personal details as well as the history of all your credit accounts. It will demonstrate how your credit rating may be getting affected from the information present, which accounts are positive and which are negative.

Check Your Credit Report for Personal Information

The first section on your credit report will most likely be the personal information section. In order to check this, you need to verify that the name, address, social security number and all other identity identifiers are recorded correctly. All variations ever reported to the credit bureaus will be recorded here. These variations could be the result of a creditor misspelling your name, address details, transposing digits in the social security number, you using a name variation during credit application ( such as John B. Seymour vs. John Seymour) etc.

You need to check this section of the credit report in order to determine that it is accurate. Credit bureaus maintain all variations reported to give you the chance to correct erroneous information as well as provide an identifier to potential identity theft, in case someone has tried to use your information by opening a new account with a different name.

Check Your Credit Report for Negative Accounts

The next section will have information regarding your accounts, including your payment history. On the some credit reports, this section will only contain the negative items such as late payments, delinquencies and information from public records such as tax liens, court judgments regarding debt and bankruptcy filing. You need to check this section carefully to see that all the information reported is accurate. You have a right to dispute inaccurate information and have it removed from your credit report. But it will be difficult to remove inaccurate information that is over one year old. This is another reason why checking your credit report frequently is a good idea.

Check Your Credit Report for Positive Accounts

The next section contains accounts that are in positive standing with the credit bureaus. These are active accounts that have never been late, closed accounts that were always current etc. Check this section to make sure that all your accounts have been reported. A missing credit card account or a mortgage account that is healthy can make a lot of difference to your credit score.

Check your Credit Report for Inquiries

Inquiries happen when you apply for credit and the creditor views your credit report for the purpose of evaluating your credit worthiness. Too many inquiries result in a drop in the credit score especially if they happen over a short period of time. Check your credit report to see that all inquiries have come from your creditors. Unsolicited hard inquiries could be a pointer to identity theft and attempted fraud.

Check your Credit Report for Additional Notations

You have a right to attach a statement whenever you are in disagreement with the reporting of a particular account and filing a dispute has not been able to solve the problem. You can attach a special note saying that you are not in concurrence with the information on the credit file. This will allow you the opportunity give further explanation to the creditor when filing an application for credit.

Checking Your Annual Credit Report Is a Good Idea

Checking your free annual credit report online is a good practice since it can make sure that your creditworthiness is accurate and since it’s free usually have no excuse for not checking it at least once a year.

Checking your annual credit report regularly is a good habits to inculcate. Many consumers are surprised when the credit application gets denied to find that their credit report is not exactly how the thought it would be. It is not uncommon for consumers to find mistakes on credit reports with inaccurate or outdated information being reported. Mistakes such as missing accounts or wrong accounts being reported with a dated accounts can result in a negative impact on your credit application.

Even a person with no apparent credit problem can have items on the credit report negatively affecting the credit rating.

While there are many services being advertised especially online rate can access your free annual credit report, the only website where you can access your credit report for completely free is annual credit This website provides the credit report that every consumer is supposed to get according to the federal law. This website is maintained by the three credit bureaus Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.

Free annual credit report can be obtained from This website is jointly serviced by the 3 national credit bureaus Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.

You can either order a copy of your credit report from each of the credit bureaus or one at a time over the next few months. It’s usually helps to have an idea of what credit report your creditor will be using to the purpose of evaluation of your credit application. If you check your credit report with one credit bureau and your lender happens use another you could still face problems if you have not checked to the information on that credit report.

Checking and monitoring your free annual credit report can alert you possible identity theft, which is something that can harm a credit rating as well.

The primary purpose of checking your credit report is to make sure that all information reported is accurate and is that’s the information has not been compromised to make identity theft. You also need to monitor your credit report in case you are making efforts to repair your credit and need to monitor the changes happening on your credit file.

How To Get A Credit Report Your Business or Company and Keeping it Up To Date

Almost every consumer has a personal credit report as long as they use some form of credit. But there is also a business credit report which is the credit profile of a business if you own one. You should access and get a copy of your business credit report if your business works as an individual identity and has its own liabilities such as loans, credit cards etc. A business credit report pretty much works the same way as a personal credit report where negative information on a business credit report can affect the potential of getting approved for a business loan in the name of your business. A business credit report is representative of the financial worthiness and stability of your business. One of the places where you might consider your credit report for your business is Dun and Bradstreet.

Dun and Bradstreet offer a variety of services for monitoring your company’s credit such as general overview of your company’s credit worthiness, complaints if credit reports that include credit score as well as offering you a credit monitoring service.

Dun and Bradstreet also offer advice improving your company’s credit rating.

A business credit report will provide you with statistical data on the history of your company its location and income.

Like a personal credit report a business credit report shows the image history, current and slate accounts as well as the risk worthiness debt is updated by it to a lender who might use it to evaluate your application for a business loan. Information elected from public records such as lawsuits and tax liens will also be included on the business credit report. In case your business is not registered on Dun and Bradstreet you will need to use an alternative to get your business credit report such as using the Experian business services to obtain a credit report on the profile of your company. There are also various other services that can help you in providing you with a business credit report for your business.

Some of organizations providing business credit reporting services are Equifax Business, FDInsight, and ClientChecker. While in the case of a personal credit report, it is clear that creditors mainly use credit report from three credit bureaus, things might be slightly more confusing it comes to business credit report since many different credit reporting agencies may have information regarding a business. Finding out from the creditor which business credit report uses may be a good idea before you check that particular business credit report before making an application for credit.

Just like information on a personal credit report needs to be kept accurate and updated, information on the business credit report should also be properly maintained so that your creditworthiness and risk factors are reported accurately.

How to Sign Up with For 3 Free Credit Reports

When you are trying to get your free credit report from 3 national credit bureaus Experian, TransUnion and Equifax, accessing it online is the safest and the quickest method. The best place to start to access your free online credit report is by visiting Your free annual credit report is the credit report that is provided to you free of costs according to the federal law off Fair Credit Reporting Act. The website of www.annual credit report is maintained jointly by the three credit bureaus Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. The biggest question that a consumer has in his mind is how to go about accessing history credit report. This is especially true in case of online credit reports since there are many websites that offer to provide you with your free online credit report. However, these websites mostly requires you to sign for a subscription service before you can access your online credit report. They usually offer a trial period for this service. As long as you cancel within the trial period your credit card will not be charged but in case you forget your credit card will get charged for the next monthly billing cycle. The only place where you can access your government approved personal credit reports online is annual credit

This website will enable you to access your online credit reports from each of the three national bureaus. You will not have to contact the three credit bureaus Equifax, TransUnion and Experian separately but will need to make one single account with annual credit When you sign up with annual credit report you will need to put in your contact information such as your name, address and date of birth and social security number. You will not be asked for your credit card or bank account information.

Once you sign that you will be able to choose which credit report you wish to excess TransUnion, Experian or Equifax. You can either get your free online and will credit report from all the three credit bureaus or you can choose to receive one every few months.

The credit report that is provided to you personally is different from the credit report that is provided to businesses. While both the credit reports will include information about the link current accounts, tax liens, legal judgments, positive accounts, current accounts, payment history, personal information such as name, address, social security number, your personal credit report will also include soft Inquiries is that are requests made by you and by employers and landlords as less preapproved credit card offers views your credit report.

You will find information on bankruptcies, automobile loans, mortgage loans etc. Negative information such as delinquent accounts, collection accounts, late payments usually stay on your credit report for a period of seven years after which they will fall off. Bankruptcies can stay up to a period of 10 years whereas unpaid tax liens can stay on forever.

Reasons why you should prefer to get your credit report online

Can you get your free credit report online? The answer is yes. Ordering a credit report online is safer than ordering it through mail. When you order your free credit report online you can access it immediately after providing some identifying information such as your Social Security number etc. You may also be asked other questions to which only you are supposed to know the answers such as details of certain accounts. Identity theft and credit fraud are all looming problems. In order to fight this threat you should view your online credit report. Online credit reports are safer to excess because it removes the human element. There is no risk of your online credit report getting misplaced you ring the time of being sent by postal mail. It is also a much quicker process where you can excess your online credit report immediately whereas sending it through mail might take up to 3 weeks.

However, whenever the credit bureaus send a credit report through mail to make sure that important information such as social security number is truncated so that it cannot be used even if the credit report gets lost in transportation. The best place to start if you want to access your online credit report is available to be taught annual credit This website is jointly maintained by the three national bureaus Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. You can order your online credit report from each of the three national bureaus at the same time or you can stagger your request over the next few months ordering one online credit report from each credit bureau one at a time. When you visit, you can sign up for an account and will need to provide identifying information such as your Social Security number. No credit card number or bank information will be asked for.

Your free online credit report gives you access to a lot of information and insight about your credit rating and credit file. It will help you to ensure that all the information listed is accurate, updated and complete. Whenever you access your free online credit report you will also be able to file a dispute for any information that you feel is inaccurate. You may have the dispute instantly online submit your dispute in writing and include any copies of supporting documents that prove your claim. However, items that are older than one year will be a problem to remove. This is why it is recommended that you check your online credit report each year and frequently. In other to speak to a customer care representative at the credit bureau you will need to have a recent copy of your online credit report as that are the documents that the customer care representative will be looking at. Looking at the same file will ensure that the both of you are looking at the same information at the same time.